Do you have any guarantees?

We warranty our work for one year from installation against cracking.  If you have an area that does sustain a crack, that portion or section may be replaced.  Or another option is to caulk the crack to prevent any water to seep into the area.

How do I maintain exterior stamped concrete?

Exterior concrete needs to be sealed every other year to maintain a protective coating and ensure the texture does not erode over time from the elements.  This is done by initially power-washing the surface, allowing that to dry and then applying sealer.  You can do this yourself or hire Kelly’s Concrete, Inc.  We use a high pressure power washer, typically not found at home and superior products.

How do you schedule jobs?

OFTEN, BY THE WEATHTER! We try to accommodate your schedule. However, concrete cannot be poured during rain. And wet weather in previous days may make the ground to wet to work. Additionally, there can be changes in a job prior to yours, besides weather. Like increasing the scope of a job which adds time. Any of these things can affect our schedule. We will keep you informed of your start date as work progresses.

My stamped concrete is really slippery. What can be done?

We add Shark Grip or something similar to our seal coating on the concrete but over time this can wear off.  We can reapply it when you’re concrete is resealed as noted above.

What is the process in my concrete project?

Start by scheduling your free estimate.  We will discuss options with you and then email a proposal with a price or price options for the work you want done.  Options happen when you are considering alternate sizes or types of concrete to use (regular, stamped or just a stamped border).   When you have decided what you want done, your project is placed into our schedule.

When can I drive on my new driveway?

Please wait one week to drive on your driveway.